[Andy in '76 and '07]

Born and raised in New York City, Andy cut his musical teeth listening to rock n' roll radio. His first exposure to acoustic guitar was in the early 60s when he saw dozens of college-aged folkies strumming in the middle of Washington Square Park. It was just about this time that his parents gave him - piano lessons.

For the next few years he dutifully learned keyboard, while wishing he could strum - and drum - along to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Along the way, Andy developed a fascination with tape recorders. He and his friends would compose awful song parodies and the performances would be committed to tape. (Thankfully, these remain unreleased.)

He finally picked up the guitar at seventeen, teaching himself the basics. His astonishing technique is reflective of this rigorous training *cough*.

Today, thanks to the advances in digital technology, Andy records in his home studio in Brooklyn New Hope, PA. He still, however, has an open reel tape deck and a rotary dial telephone. When not recording he can be found in lower Manhattan, Central New Jersey, wearing a suit and tie business casualaw heck, never mind. Hes retired!

Andy can be reached at andy@andy-baum.com